Monday, 2 May 2016

Rings on our Fingers - love stories from the Eighties

Rings on our Fingers 
Bells on our Toes
Two Kindle volumes of my short love stories
 published in magazines in the Eighties.

Just 99p! $1.40 each

When I was probably just a few years older than the people reading them, they were published in magazines such as My Story, Romance, True Story - and Christian Herald! 


I wrote these on a typewriter that might now find a home in a museum, at the kitchen table when my children were knee high ...

Times have changed – which is what makes these stories interesting I think.  Young people can judge for themselves and older readers will remember perhaps when they were just married, maybe having doubts, thinking about having a family, looking for work, planning a wedding … the stuff of life. Relationships are the key theme along with problems and obstacles to finding true happiness.

Here are a few extracts from different stories that may make you think, scoff, raise an eyebrow, laugh - or something else!

Checking that our frilly knickers showed prettily each time we bent over, we set off — each carrying a new sports bag to match our outfits.

"I know a place — on the common, off the beaten track," he said, looking at me.
I should have said, "No — take me home." But my legs turned to water. It was too thrilling. I couldn't bear it!

I bundled Rachel and Emily onto the back seat of the car and left them in there while I slipped into Joel's house.

At nineteen I was young to be considering a family, but I was very much in love with my student husband. I longed to have his child, I wanted to be a mother and I could see no sense at all in waiting.

I am surprised when I read these myself! but you can find many more examples of how social norms have moved on in the last thirty odd years. Passion, jealousy and true love endure, of course.

Happy reading!

Just 99p  /   $1.40