Wednesday, 23 February 2011

More media stuff on BFGW

Update on Friday 25 Feb A more realistic picture of Traveller women? The Guardian

The Guardian This is the opening paragraph of my 2nd BFGW blog dated 7 February

Channel 4’s plans in The Times Oh no not more ... ! (You need to subscribe to access this.) I doubt Romany Gypsies will be taking part.

Surrey Heath Residents Blog This is my recorded interview - gets off to a slow start, but warms up, so stick with it to the end. Excuse the scary photo (who took that?)

Article with Damien le Bas Damien is a Romany, Oxford graduate and was on The One Show.

A Guardian article by David Altheer with 256 comments !
Not to do with BFGW but a lovely positive story from Phoebe Buckley, top level equestrian, Romany Gypsy. 'Against the Grain' R4.

Excellent article I missed earlier on 11 Feb Gypsies: tramps and thieves. I urge all to read. The link was in Travellers Times Newsletter.

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