Saturday, 11 February 2012

Another lovely review of Shades of Appley Green!

For those who have not seen it already, I was delighted to find this lovely review on Lou Graham's Blog You will see she has also reviewed my first two novels,  Gypsies Stop tHere and No Gypsies Served  and seems to have loved all of them. This lady gobbles up books like there's no tomorrow and I find my books in very good company, so I am immensely proud of these positive comments from a reviewer who had not met with my novels until very recently.
Then she reviewed all THREE of them. That says quite a lot in my book (ha-ha).

Here's an extract from Lou Graham's Blog:

'Miriam writes with a gorgeous flow and a great depth to her characters with her books and whilst they won’t have your windows steaming and champagne flowing, they are very addictive and wonderful to read!
Shades of Appley Green gives you faith in human kindness! Another deeply engaging read by Miriam Wakerly'

Well, I never promised you wild sex and bottles of bubbly, now did I?

Lou Graham is a book reviewer on Love a Happy Ending and Famous Five Plus - both wonderful places for readers, booklovers and writers around the world!

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