Thursday, 14 June 2012

On the radio - again!! BBC Glos

On Saturday I am going back to school. I may have mentioned before that Love a Happy Ending are putting on a stupendous show for booklovers at Sir William Romney's School in Tetbury, Gloucestershire. Love a Happy Ending is a group of talented and diverse authors - 30 of them (actually 29, as they are looking to recruit 1 new member - are you the right person?) - from UK, Canada and USA. 17 of these writers are taking part this Saturday in 'Summer Audience'.

When I was lucky enough to become a member of Love a Happy Ending I had no idea their main book event of 2012 was planned to take place in my old school. Linn B Halton, who spearheads the group, was similarly surprised and delighted.

I was invited to BBC radio Gloucestershire on Tuesday and raced back from giving a talk to the Society of Authors lunch group in Guildford, to be sure I was sitting by my landline in time!

You can listen here - there is a certain amount of gabbling at the end, as I was expecting to talk about me, then some music, then about the event ... but, well, you'll hear what happened.

The brief interview is still there on 'Listen Again.' I was on for about 10 minutes or so at about 16:10 on the programme that starts at 14:30; time on iPlayer is 1:42:00.  This should go straight through to my bit  BBC radio Glos

After Tuesday, 19 June, you can find it here:   clip of interview
I will be reporting back a few days after the event to let you know the full impact and fall-out!

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  1. Wonderful interview, Miriam, nicely done. It's lovely to hear your voice and to hear all about your work. He certainly gave you a lot of airspace and you used it terrifically. You're a pro! Well done! xx