Monday, 9 July 2012

English summer as it should be

This has nothing to do with books or Gypsies - or village life in Appley Green. I just wanted to share with you some photos I took at Nymans and Wakehurst Place, National Trust properties and gardens my husband and I visited on 28 June. It was a day when the sun did actually shine now and then and we dodged the showers.

Shades of Summer Green!

England is a 'green and pleasant land' and a lovely place to live.


  1. What beautiful photos Miriam! The rain has made everything look so vibrant and colourful so it does have its advantages.

  2. Miriam, what wonderful pictures! Yes, it's your slightly mad fellow LAHE author (who's totally crap with names at all times) commenting all over again. With apologies for the previous confusion! Suffice it to say that I really enjoyed your post and your pictures; they made me feel sunny and happy. I do wish I had a garden just like it... and the gardening team to maintain it, as I am as rubbish at gardening as I am at names. Thanks for brightening my day! X