Thursday, 16 August 2012

Some pics you never saw at London2012

I know it’s now beyond time to move on and, whilst heading towards all things 'legacy', fill that gaping hole in our lives. Take that seriously or satirically as you wish. Before it all becomes fuzzy and dreamlike, however, I thought you might like a few pics of my amazing Olympics time in buzzing, beautiful  London – from  5 – 9 August .  No more than a few, you understand, from an assortment of many.
Never been sporty, not that bothered, but was lucky enough to have family keen to get tickets and organise the whole thing so I just went along to be … well, sociable, you know? It would be a chance to see my grandchild - that sort of thing.
Wow, and was I lucky! These proved to be some of the most memorable few days of my rather long life, and extra-lovely being able to mix family togetherness with major events – not just Olympics but also an afternoon, hilarious performance of Taming of the Shrew at the Globe Theatre and a visit to Buckingham Palace, including the weirdly fascinating exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci’s anatomical works in the Queen’s Gallery. With three adult children living in London, my husband and I had very handy accommodation; it's times like these that make childbirth etc ultimately worthwhile.
There has to be a photo showing the inside of the Olympic Stadium ... here's one. The whole atmosphere inside the Park was joyous and friendly - a great tribute to the vast numbers of volunteers - all cheerful, willing and helpful. The organisation was supreme - you may have heard.
If I had to say one single word of criticism - it would be ... well, I'll say it at the end. Hate to be negative.

Saw Usain Bolt, Jessica Ennis and here are a couple of paparazzi shots of  our our great Golden Boy, Mo Farah - hurrah!

A varied week? Certainly was. And I only lost all family members once (or did they lose me?) – on the first day, emerging from Stratford Station into a tidal wave of humanity… a moment of panic, but soon resolved;  thanks to mobile phones.

There's one below to prove I was there and, more importantly, to show more of the amazing banks of wild flowers, the first thing that struck me - never mind Anish Kapoor's Orbit and the Velodrome!  Aaah, Shades of Olympian Green ...
There were some surreal moments – watching the Women’s Marathon on our son’s TV, slipping outside to catch them running past just a few minutes’ walk away, close to St Paul's Cathedral, then strolling back to TV to see the Finish!  On the screen we saw the rich kaleidoscope of London - Westminster Bridge, Cheapside, Leadenhall Market and the Tower of London. We could hear a helicopter circling above - probably with the camera aboard taking the aerial views we were enjoying on TV. Closed off to traffic, Southwark Bridge was almost deserted as we crossed it. The athletes ran through a monsoon but the sun came out by the end. 

Night-time brought on a new aspect with spectacular sights to see. The glowing red Beat Box was a great example. The garden? Well, that is our Queen's - Royal Shades of Green!!

This is kind of quirky - the BP Mirror - can you spot me and my husband?

The very colourful BMX track – a child’s dream – except it was no place for children! Littered with broken teeth – I heard someone say.

Borough Market – for those with a penchant for tomatoes and other fresh produce.

I could go on and on and on – but my illustrated ramblings had better stop.

I hope you enjoyed our little trip in London town - not far from Appley Green, you know.

(The one word:  WENLOCK. What were they thinking?)


  1. Lovely blog Miriam - felt like I was there :-) I was a Gamesmaker but sudden family illness prevented me from going (after all the training and visits to the Olympic Park)- you bought the special time home to me, thankyou!

  2. Wordsfromanneli (Wordpress):

    Great tour of Olympic events and surroundings for those who couldn't attend.

  3. I am really missing the Olympics this week on the TV. I'm not a big TV watcher at all, but while the Olympics was on, I was glued to it coming home from work each day to sit in front of the gogglebox! These pictures are fabulous, thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experience Miriam. Lots of love Kim xxx

  4. What a wonderful experience! I have never watched TV for so many consecutive hours and enjoyed it all. My brother and sister-in-law were gamesmakers and enjoyed every minute.Really enjoyed sharing in your experience.

  5. Fabulous pics, Miriam. Really capture the atmosphere of what was truly and exceptional experience for the entire population. :) x

  6. Thanks for all your lovely comments - this has brought a phenomenal number of visitors to my blog, I must say!! Lovely to hear from you.