Monday, 24 September 2012

I Wrote it My Way - Darlene Jones

Please give a warm welcome to my first guest author!
It is always fun to be a guest on another author’s blog and I am really grateful to all those people who have invited me in the past. Although I have had Miriam’s Ramblings running for some years now this is not something I have done before - had visitors!

I feel it is time to put this right! I am always fascinated to know what led writers to their chosen genre and what or who influenced their choice.
My first guest to talk about this is Darlene Jones.

I was a little unsure where she lives, although I know her books were influenced by her years living in Mali. I asked her to clarify: ‘A little Canadian humor for you,' she said. 'I'm a true Albertan - born in Saskatchewan and retired in British Columbia. I now live on Vancouver Island and spend the winters in Mexico.’ No wonder I was confused!!
But this is exciting, isn’t it? Here I am in ‘Appley Green’ land in Surrey, England and there Darlene is …!
Writer of three books, Empowered, Embattled and Embraced, Darlene explains:

Some time ago, I suffered terribly from insomnia. I started telling myself a story in an attempt to sleep. It didn’t work. Instead the story grew and came to a point where I had to write it down. I certainly didn’t intend to write a sci fi and despite the sci fi element with the other worldly beings, I don’t consider my books to be science fiction per se. I see them as contemporary fiction dealing with the world we live in now. I’m not sure why my story took this particular direction, but I love the magic I was able to bring to the plot line along with the romance. Every book needs a love story, right?

My own reading tastes are eclectic. I read anything that grabs my attention. I was once asked to list My Ten Favorite Books Limiting me to ten was cruel as I could give you one hundred or more books that rank right up there.
When I first published my books, I thought they were stories for women because of the love theme (and love triangle), but I’ve had great comments from the men who have read them. That’s probably because there are elements of action and adventure in the story too, and exotic locales. EMBRACED is the third and, in some respects, my favorite. I have one more in progress to end the series. I’ve been careful to write each so it can be read as a “stand alone” which I hope gives readers more flexibility, rather than feeling they have to read the books in a certain order.
You can find out more about Darlene-Jones and her books right here!



Thanks so much Darlene for being my first visitor!
Watch out for my next author guest in a couple of weeks' time.


  1. That's a really interesting post - and highlights a positive way to deal with insommnia. Congratulations on your three books to date, Darlene!

  2. I so envy you living on Vancouver Island, Darlene. West Canada is my (and my husband's) favourite place in the world! In fact, that after visiting back in 2009, it inspired me so much that I based my first trilogy (The Raven Saga) there!
    Its great to have guest writers isn't it, Miriam?! And very well chosen too! :)

  3. I really look forward to greeting more visitors! Interesting about the books being able to stand alone - I try and get that across at signings where people seem to think they should get the first one first, yet it depends what really suits them as individuals; the books are all different (but connected). Anyway, thanks again Darlene and thanks Janice and Suzy. My horizons are opening up :-)

  4. What a super post! Insomnia is a nuisance but it certainly allows us authors who suffer from it to get a few more hours out of our day.
    Really enjoyed your new feature Miriam.

  5. A fellow insomniac! Shame we're in different time zones or we could pass those insomniac nights together companiably via Twitter or FB. Great post, Darlene, everytime I read something about you I learn something new. Great first guest, Miriam, thanks for hosting and look forward to plenty more! X

  6. Really interesting post, and I too wasn't sure where Darlene lived.

  7. Unless we fall asleep in the middle of the day, Carol! What I need is a voice activated recorder, so I don't have to move anything but my mouth whilst trying to get those ideas down in the dead of night. Great post, girls! :) xx

    1. Not really sure if it works (I know I've lost many a nocturnal scene) but supposedly, if you go through the motion of writing it out - as in handwriting - it sticks with you. Got this from one of the Brian Henry workshops I attended.

  8. Wonderful post Miriam and Darlene. This is going to be a tough act to follow, but I will do my best.