Monday, 5 November 2012

I Wrote it My Way - Carol E Wyer

Today I welcome my fourth guest author who tells us how she wrote it her way. It is so interesting to hear from other writers what set them off, and then led them to their particular style. We are uncovering some 'secrets' that help bring us closer to the writer behind the book.
There is a lovely profile of Carol E Wyer on the Love a Happy Ending web site. Her books 'take a humorous look at getting older' (not that old!!!). 
I am reading three different books at the moment. Two of them are in the name of research for my next Appley Green novel, enjoyable but quite serious; Surfing in Stilettos is for fun!

Here's Carol's Story:

'An addiction to seventies comedy semi-explains why I write humour. Before I wrote Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines I attempted a passionate romantic novel but sniggered all through the sex scenes. It was then I decided I was more of a ‘Carry On’ writer and so a frustrated comic became a humorous author.

I was always the class clown and mimic but it was thanks to some serious health issues in my youth that I became an adult with a keen sense of humour and an appreciation for life which I now try to pass on in my writing.

My stories and novels always attempt to help people appreciate the funny side of life or what they already have. Life is too short to be miserable and as Ken Dodd sang “I thank the Lord, for more than my share of happiness.” I am now trying to spread mine about.'

Thanks so much, Carol, for brightening our days!
Here are some places you can go to find out more about Carol and her amusing books.



  1. Thank you so much for your kind words Miriam.
    I had no internet connection yesterday so I couldn't come by to thank you for letting me appear on your lovely blog.
    I hope you are enjoying Surfing in Stilettos and good luck with that research!

  2. It is such a fun book Miriam, I totally agree and I absolutely loved it! Nothing better for lifting those winter blues.

  3. Ken Dodd stole my line! Thank you, Carol, for spreading a little happiness! You always make me smile! :) xx

  4. I love your sense of fun and how it spills over into your books and all your writing Carol!

    Janice xx

  5. I'm really looking forward to reading Surfing in Stilettos. I read Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines a month or so ago and thoroughly enjoyed it! Carol's writing really cracks me up :)

  6. Giggles galore! Always look on the bright side of life... A love your style, Carol, you totally rock. Thanks to Miriam for hosting! x

  7. There's a title for another book for you, Carol, in Nicky's post... Giggles Galore. Sort of sounds like Bond girl, too. Oh the things you could do with that.

    BTW, I can picture you snickering through the sex scenes... LOL!

  8. Love your sense of humour, Carol.

  9. The book's an absolute hoot, just like Carol. Can never get enough laughter in our lives but she certainly does a good job to help brighten my day.

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