Thursday, 4 April 2013

I Wrote it My Way - Linn B Halton

I am delighted to give a huge, loud, warm welcome to the amazing Linn B Halton, who not only writes 'contemporary women's love stories that reflect life ... often with a psychic twist', but also spearheads the fantastic Love a Happy Ending project that has brought together writers from both the UK and abroad. This has now evolved into the Loveahappyending Lifestyle magazine of which she is Editor in Chief. This is one very versatile and talented lady!

So - fanfare over, we ask ourselves what set Linn off on her particular genre and style? Just reading Linn's first paragraph here leaves me in awe!

'There was no forethought involved when it came to sitting down and writing my first five manuscripts. I had waited a long time to have the luxury of giving up work and being able to sit down and write. So I opened a blank word doc and didn’t stop typing until I had completed five manuscripts. 

However, it wasn’t until after that point that I began Googling what to do next and realised the writing was the easy bit! I also hadn’t realised how specific the genre headings were, or in some cases how ‘wide’. One of my books was a true story – easy, memoirs/biography. Two were psychic romances – but I wouldn’t say they were ‘paranormal’, which to me is much heavier. My light touch is because the incidents I write about come from my own experiences. I like to keep it real. One was a collection of stories about love at all ages, although there is a cameo appearance from a spirit named Sarah. And then I decided to write a chick lit, where the subject is in her early forties! Forty is the new twenty… what can I say? 

I suppose because I knew nothing about the writing business, I wrote from the heart. I was also trying to stretch myself with each manuscript I penned and experimenting to test myself.  

It’s rather nice to be at the stage where all five of my books are now ‘out there’ and I will learn from reader feedback as my writing journey continues! 

Thank you for featuring me on your lovely blog Miriam, you are a fascinating lady and I love the gypsy theme running through your books!'

Thank you so much Linn for giving us a teasing little insight into how you write from personal experience, yet somehow blend this reality with the surreal.

Doesn't it make you want to know more? I do! Intriguing ...



  1. So lovely to be here Miriam! Thank you for your very kind words. I think when it comes to being productive it 'takes one, to know one' and you are one busy lady!

    When it comes to psychic experiences, one thing I do find is that so many people have their own tale to share, and often the incident is incredible! Recently I've been looking at photos with orbs, sent from two difference people and I was in one set of photos, so I know the conditions on the day. There's nothing so surprising as real-life!

  2. You're a total inspiration, Linn! And you are so right, there's nothing so surprising as real-life. :) xx

  3. Your writing journey is awesome and awe-inspiring, Linn. Hats off and wishing you every success as your journey continues. Rock on!!!

  4. Writing from the heart is the best way, I think it shrines through in a person's writing.

    Still can't get over 5 books in one year - amazing achievement.

  5. Linn, I just love hearing about your story. It's fabulous. :) This is why your passion comes through loud and clear in your writing.

  6. It feels like a ladies club! Thank you all for visiting. I feel so grateful to be a part of such a supportive writing group and you are all MY inspiration. Hope we can all meet up one day - wouldn't that be fun?

  7. Big thanks to Linn for taking part here and also to everyone who has popped over - so far! I agree on how real life can inspire - I did some blogging about weird coincidences a while back and so many others came up with their own very unlikely but true experiences. The 'psychic twist' is very intriguing!

  8. I receive a great deal of emails from readers who connect with some of the experiences I write into my novels. It's heart-warming when someone shares something with me that they have never mentioned to anyone before. What amazes me is that they clearly never let go of that incredible experience and remember it as clearly as if it had just happened. Often many years later. When something happens that is 'so real' you can't let go of it, it never fades in the memory. Sometimes it is recounted merely as an 'odd story', as if it has no relevance. Opening the mind, whilst being sceptical of course, is a big step! It's been fun Miriam, thank you.

  9. You're an inspiration, Linn. I'd love to have some of your energy rub off on me. Wish you loads of success with your books (which I have enjoyed very much, btw).