Saturday, 4 May 2013

Amazing statistics!!

This is just a short, but astounding, follow-up to my post on Parkinson's Awareness Week.
Parkinson's UK thanked me for helping to spread awareness, which was really nice of them. Their marketing department also shared some astonishing statistics with me.
During the week, this is what happened on their website and so on. They had:

·       48,276 visits to their website

·       21,000 people engaged with them on Facebook

·       2,000 new likes on Facebook

·       More than 100 people shared pictures of their shoes on social media

·       Over 5,000 video views on Youtube

·       226 events nationwide
        Well done and many congratulations on this massive success!
       My book, Shades of Appley Green is not just about Parkinson's, by the way, but I do hope it helps people to see what it can be like to be elderly with Parkinson's. As someone pointed out in the comments left on my post some younger people sadly contend with the condition, too; then called 'young onset' Parkinson's, but my character, Jackson Jeffrys, celebrates his 90th birthday in the story. He lives an apparently affluent and comfortable lifestyle, but various health and personal circumstances have conspired against him. Loneliness is his greatest problem - and, hey! something can be done about that!
       Awareness and understanding go a long way towards encouraging those with Parkinson's to perhaps go for a walk, have a pub lunch, enjoy shopping or even join a choir. Being deprived of such simple pleasures can lead to depression and, with some people, can be worse than the physical symptoms.
       Next time you see someone who may have Parkinson's, please, please, remember this. I know you will. Of course you will.


  1. That's great Miriam. Well done!

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