Saturday, 25 January 2014

Down Under - a Taste of Australia

If you are from the UK, then it goes without saying that you are upside down when you get to Australia! 

Towards the end of last year, ramblings ceased. I was away for four weeks, on a trip of a lifetime to Australia, via Singapore and Dubai, and taking in Perth, Margaret River, Alice Springs, Cairns, Melbourne and Sydney. Then there was Christmas ... 
I thought you might like to see some iconic views with few words, but there are more unusual pictures on the LoveaHappyEnding Lifestyle magazine and more words you may not expect over at Anneli's Place. Do take a look and find some surprises! The links are below.
Uluru at sunrise - we travelled far and rose very early to catch sight of this!

The Great Barrier Reef – seen through glass;  without naming my source,  I heard a confession that colours are often enhanced in publicity photos! It was beautiful in its natural colours.
Sydney Harbour Bridge - well you knew that!!

Sydney Harbour, the view from our hotel window. Not bad! (forgive the reflections)

Naturally, you would expect to see a cute picture of a koala, some kangaroos and a cheeky, slightly scary emu!

Bondi beach – from the air!  We had a fabulous seaplane flight and the coast around Sydney was spectacular.

This is just the beginning! Don't forget, more to see on the LAHE Lifestyle magazine and at Anneli's Place  If you are curious and fancy doing something similar, the holiday was with Scenic Tours

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  1. Lovely to read this, as you have fulfilled one of my life's ambitions, and made it seem both worthwhile and within reach! Thank you.